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JRE Performance Honda Cyclinder head Stage 2A
JRE Performance Honda Cyclinder head Stage 2A
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Honda Cylinder Heads
Stage 2A Performance Cylinder Head

B-series: $2875
K-series: $2995
H-series: please inquire

The JRE Stage 2A Performance cylinder head package is the next step in N/A performance and perfect for getting the most out of a street/strip turbo build.

The Stage 2A adds professional porting by Dave Localio of HeadGames Motorworks.

We completely disassemble, ultrasonic clean, and inspect your head core for damage, flatness, stripped bolt holes, wear, and general condition.

HeadGames Motorworks reworks your ports prior to installing Manganese/Bronze valve guides and applying our JRE-spec performance valve job. The head gasket surface is milled to achieve flatness and correct surface finish for multi-layer steel gaskets.

Finally, your head and parts go back in the ultrasonic cleaning machine in preparation for setup and assembly. The valvetrain is checked for stem heights, valve spring heights and pressures. New valve stem seals are installed and components assembled into cylinder head.

Stage 2A Performance Cylinder Head includes:

•Ferrea 6000 Valves
•Beehive Valve Springs (K-series uses Dual Springs)
•Spring Seats
•Titanium Retainers
•Billet Valve Locks
•Manganese/Bronze Valve Guides
•New Valve Stem Seal


requires customer supplied short block
shipping will be determined as arrangements are made